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Action Sports works closely together with a broad spectrum of leading well- respected retailers and opinion leaders that range from independent Bourque’s to global fashion houses and e-commerce platforms.

We present and sell the brands with our in-house sales team from our showrooms in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Sindelfingen, Munich, Amsterdam and Paris. Our team and retailers are using a very modern state of the art order system for pre and reorders and a digital showroom to maintain our leading position at the market.

Our local expertise and knowledge about the different markets, together with strong in- house team across all functions give us the opportunity to present the brand in the best possible way. Our experienced team is the perfect march market to connect the brand to the right retailer.


We offer full marketing, social media and PR services for our brands accommodating a 360 degrees approach to maximize coverage, visibility and reach.

Our strength is that we have local people with special market knowledge who recognize differences and takes our offer marketing it market specifics and culturally relevant. Additionally, we have native English, German, French and Dutch copywriters in-house to transform the brand DNA into the local market.

Our expertise and knowledge about the different markets, together with a strong team across all departments gives us the opportunity to present the brands in the best marketplace. We take your brand to the right destination. Action Sports acts as an extension to your brand where we take responsibility for the entire brand purvey. We make sure it gets done.


In order to run business smoothly we believe that a solid financial foundation and an experienced finance team is extremely important. Our well-established processes for accounting credit control and our strong stable financial position result in a low risk for our partners and retailers, and is a solid foundation for a successful long relationship.



Euro Logistic another group company provides a social logistic solution tailor made for small businesses to target global corporations. It is a third-party logistics provide offering one-stop-shop 3PL services especially for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The warehouse is strategically located in the heart of Europe, Lanaken Belgium. Only 50 miles from the Antwerp harbour and 100 miles from the Amsterdam harbour and very close to the Dutch and German border.

With a storage capacity of more than 25.000 SM powered by a team of across 35 professional stuffs with more than 25 years of combined experience in the supply chain industry. Through our expertise we know exactly what kind of supply chain management services this business needs.



Our e-commerce is handled by our Group company q-brands, which has developed a completely personalized web store. It runs on the preferred e-commerce platform. We also offer standalone brand webshop WayFunky. 

Furthermore we work with our brands on various marketplaces (e.g. Zalando, Amazon, Otto, About You, etc.). With our own logistics center in the group, we are able to fulfill your 360-degree e-commerce process. We always strive to follow the latest trends and technologies. That’s why we think it’s essential to have our own e-commerce team to ensure that we market our brands online in the most valuable way, but also to strengthen our digital presence.

With our brand new StyleShoot machines, we aim to provide high-quality photography to enhance our brands’ e-commerce presences.

At q-brands, we have a very passionate, close-knit international team that brings a wealth of experience to this ever-evolving industry. This includes digital content specialists, creative and graphic designers, customer service and operations, email marketers, IT support and Google Analytics specialists.


Besides our international distribution network ,we also operate various independent businesses ourselves. This gives us additional know-how and a better understanding of the latest trends in consumer behavior. We also operate shop-in-shop systems and outlet stores.

We offer our retailers support in the form of exhibitions, trade shows and in-store brand-building materials. In this way, brands are enhanced at the point of purchase.



A complete market regress a high level customer service team. Our young dynamic team contains of English, French, German, Dutch and Russian speaking specialists with many years of experience. They have a close relationship with customers and take care of their needs by providing professional, insightful and first-class service and assistance: a 360-degree approach.

We believe in interacting well with our customers, and this starts with understanding their requirements and needs. Customer personalization is therefore a key element in going the extra mile that leads to successful collaboration.


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